Call for Papers

The deadline for submissions has passed–thank you for your submission!

Call for Papers v.2 – Princeton Dept of Art and Archaeology Grad Symposium March 30-31 2012

The Princeton University Department of Art and Archaeology Graduate Program invites proposals for its 2012 graduate research conference, *The End of the ‘-ist’ and the future of art history. Including scholarship on European, American, Latin American, African, Asian and other areas of study, this year’s conference will consist of an evening session and opening address by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann (Frederick Marquand Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University) on Friday, March 30th followed by a series of three panels and a keynote address by Yaëlle Biro (Assistant Curator of African Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art) on Saturday, March 31st.

Conference Theme:

It is said that today’s world is a smaller place due to advancements in travel, communications and technology. But was the world ever that large? By positing a globalized art history—and in turn deemphasizing the primacy of specialists and departments and rejecting the rigid timelines that have prefaced decades of art history textbooks—the field has begun to embrace hybrid identities and an eclecticism that better describe the interconnected ways in which art has transcended both time and space. This conference seeks to explore the ways in which the actual creation of art defies the strict geographical and temporal restrictions currently programmatized by the academic institution of art history and to question the continued value of periodization and geographic specialization in a field where current trends in scholarship point to a long history of global artistic interchange.

The question of how academia will respond to this methodological shift is of utmost concern for today’s scholars, curators and graduate students. We therefore welcome papers from a variety of time periods and geographic areas, especially those that are underrepresented in the current canon of art history. Possible topics include diaspora, travel, interdisciplinarity, multiculturalism, and case studies of a specific object/location/style, as well as methodological concerns and museology.

Interested participants should submit a CV and one page abstract for a twenty minute paper as attachments to by 1/5/2012. Successful applicants will be notified by 01/20/2012 and should be available the weekend of March 30-31, 2012. Limited funds for travel and lodging are available for participants.


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