2012 Conference Panelists

We received an unbelievable number of intriguing and insightful submissions on topics from nearly every region and time period. Congratulations to our 2012 panelists, and many thanks to everyone who submitted this year. 

2012 Panelists

Yasmine Van Pee (UC Berkeley)
Emilie Hobert (Bowling Green State University)
Jessamine Batario (UT Austin)
Kjell Wangensteen (Princeton University)
Delia Solomons (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU)
Ksenia Yachmetz (Rutgers University)
Eva Gratta (CUNY Graduate Center)
Shira Backer (Bryn Mawr)
Anna Grasskamp (Leiden University)
Pierluigi Serraino (UC Berkeley)
Andrew Cappetta (CUNY Graduate Center)
Stay tuned for more information about each speaker’s topics, and our panel format and presenters.


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